Saturday, January 12, 2013

From Lee Barnett: You'll Never Believe a Man Can Fly

What if the first super-hero in the world was a British ad man?

What if that first super-hero got his origin by way of an experiment gone wrong via courier service mishap?

What if that first super-hero had his attempt to formally go public messed up by a news service's infamous penchant for spelling and grammar mistakes?

Lee Barnett's got a recently-revised theory to entertain you with. He's been serializing it for the past few days, and it'll continue for a few weeks yet: You'll Never Believe a Man Can Fly. He explains some of what's in the works here. You may want to follow along, or purchase an e-book edition as offered at his end of things.

Oh, and one of the illustrations accompanying the text is one of mine.

You might be interested.

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