Monday, January 14, 2013

Ottawa Geek Market-40

Ottawa Geek Market-40 by dwight_ew
Ottawa Geek Market-40, a photo by dwight_ew on Flickr.

More from ParLUGment members, this time shown at the Ottawa Geek Market 2012 edition...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

From Lee Barnett: You'll Never Believe a Man Can Fly

What if the first super-hero in the world was a British ad man?

What if that first super-hero got his origin by way of an experiment gone wrong via courier service mishap?

What if that first super-hero had his attempt to formally go public messed up by a news service's infamous penchant for spelling and grammar mistakes?

Lee Barnett's got a recently-revised theory to entertain you with. He's been serializing it for the past few days, and it'll continue for a few weeks yet: You'll Never Believe a Man Can Fly. He explains some of what's in the works here. You may want to follow along, or purchase an e-book edition as offered at his end of things.

Oh, and one of the illustrations accompanying the text is one of mine.

You might be interested.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

From 2010: ParLUGment at Railfest 33

ParLUGment at Railfest 33 by dwight_ew
ParLUGment at Railfest 33, a photo by dwight_ew on Flickr.
If memory serves, this was my first real exposure to what dedicated Lego hobbyists could and do put together when they put their brains and their backs into a project. Had no idea how deep Lego fandom can run.