Sunday, February 16, 2014

Over the Button

Over the Button by dwight_ew
Over the Button, a photo by dwight_ew on Flickr.

Spotted on the McKenzie King Bridge.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Maps of Interest - Volume 1

altafricastage2_brochure_final-Proposed_LRTWillowdale TA map NEWjorgeonline_ST2_galactic_map_02aircargo-on-HSR-High-Speed_Rail_Corridor_Designations-v01The Prince Edward Island vs. The World Machine - Mozilla Firefox 26112012 40415 PM
winchgalmap3SampleMap of Emerging US MegaregionsU.S. Routes as a Subway MapOttawa Mapping Party PresentationMilky Way Galaxy (Robert Hurt, SSC/JPL/Caltech))#ottvote
MarvelMapJohn Wesley Powell, States as River BasinsAmtrak Passenger Rail SystemInternational E-Road Network Diagramtoronto_language_quiltCountries James Bond Visited in the Films

Maps of Interest, a gallery on Flickr.

Some maps posted on Flickr by other people that caught my attention. You might enjoy a look-see as well...

Redpath on the Road

1-IMG_0030 by dwight_ew
1-IMG_0030, a photo by dwight_ew on Flickr.

Anyone recognize the make and model?