Monday, August 29, 2011

Noticing the stats of late...

...and really, people?

Looks like a "who's who" of spammery that the traffic's been coming from this month.

Do you really think people don't pay attention to these things? Most of us bloggers have at least some degree of egomania about their site traffic.

Back to art photography for my next posting...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wildlife of Ottawa - Ducks off the River

Call it a target of opportunity. I don't get much chance to get visuals like this, really. And when the ducks let you get this close(with or without digital and optical zoom)...

CAN-CON 2011

I've been busy elsewhere for a fair while now. The day-job's been part of the reason for that, so have family-related matters, and a bit of stuff on my other blogs. If you've been following those other blogs, you've possibly already got a clue as to where this particular post is going.

But today is the day the situation's made clear:

I'm serving on the organizing committee - "ConComm" - of a local convention as a design consultant. The convention is CAN-CON 2011, the Conference on Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature.

CAN-CON was revived last year after spending the previous decade in something like a coma. This is our second year back, and we're looking to build on the success of last year's revival. Our comics-related line-up is led off by Comics Guest of Honour Leonard Kirk.

But we don't stop there, including local writer/artists Jay (Kagigi the Raven) Odjick and Janet Hetherington.

Oh! I'll be sitting on a couple of panels as well!

If you should happen to be in Ottawa on the September 9th-11th weekend, I hope we see you there!