Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Font Addictions

Eric Trautman recently noted his own addiction to font collecting, and I'd be remiss to not make my own confession along these lines. For me, it started in high school with the first Letraset catalogue I'd ever laid eyes or hands upon. Back then, not so long ago by some lights, they still sold mostly dry transfer sheets. Software for home computers was a few years off. When I saw the options available in the catalogue, and started recognizing a handful or so from TV-watching...Countdown and Data 70 from Space: 1999, Stop from the original Galactica and so on...well, it's continued from there.

I get the same online newsletter, and download freebies that catch my eye from time to time. Thanks to this one company, I've even tried my hand at designing them myself, as noted a few years back in this LJ. It's another sort of fun, and one I mean to get back to as soon as the time's freed up.

I should really try out that freebie copy of Typetool I got from that magazine cover disk a couple of years back, as well. It only works when Classic mode's turned on, but that's okay for me.

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