Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Local Hero: Urban Design

Official disclaimer time: I'm not an architect. Never been one. Fantasized about it on occasion, though. And when you see the design work by the likes of Anton Furst going into Gotham City for either the first Burton-directed Bat-movie or the comic books, or Tony Harris' work on Opal City in the second Starman series, you might begin to understand why I'd feel that way.

So, when Ian Gould sent me the initial scripts and background material for what's now Local Hero, you might understand another of the lures that got me on board as his artist of record.

I wanted to get right into it, complete with maps. I figured that between assorted graphic design and CAD packages in my collection, I could do a reasonably competent job of it. Not in Rick Sternbach or Eliot Brown's league, obviously, but still competent.

I wish I could recall a particular path of evolution in terms of how the place comes together, but there's no real path at all.

So for the time being I'm going to leave you with a sampling of artwork culled from my sketchbooks. Some of it's going to show up as parts of Shuster, others...for different places, I expect, as Local Hero continues beyond its first arc.


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